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This Best Ayurvedic Medicine For Lung Cleansing Can Keep Your Lungs Healthy

best ayurvedic medicine for lung cleansing

Talking About Best Ayurvedic Medicine For Lung Cleansing When we say ‘lung disease’ it means we are talking about all the diseases associated with the lungs and the respiratory system, like asthma, influenza, pneumonia, and tuberculosis. The problems associated with breathing are referred to as lung diseases. The diseases are categorized in Ayurveda as Shwas […]

Padmapatra plus Vati, The Best Medicine For Chest Congestion and Wheezing

best medicine for chest congestion and wheezing

Chest Congestion Chest congestion and wheezing are the results of infected air passages in the lungs. When the air passages in the lungs are infected by bacteria or viruses, they get accumulated with a thick fluid called mucus. As a result, the air passages swell up and have restricted airflow through them making it difficult […]

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