Tips To Boost Your Immunity with Best Immunity Booster Ayurvedic Medicine For Coronavirus

best immunity booster ayurvedic medicine

Human beings take birth with a primary and young immune system that is way too sensitive. When we take birth, our immune system is very sensitive to environmental changes, which is why babies fall sick with a slight change in the environment. But while the baby is growing up, his immunity is in continuous interaction with the various microbes in the atmosphere. This way, the baby’s immunity learns to fight against new microbes, strengthening the immune system. In this blog, we introduce some Ayurveda tips and the best immunity booster ayurvedic medicine to fight against the coronavirus.

In the last 50 years or so, excessive microbicidal (is a medicine used to fight viruses) is used in the name of hygiene. Lack of continuous interaction with plants, soil, organisms, and the natural environment has gradually made our immune system sensitive.

 Ayurvedic concepts related to immune system functions

Immunity is a concept that is very vast in Ayurveda and is under multiple subtopics. The main one is Bala, also called the concept of strength, Vyadhi Kshamathwa also called the concept of resistance to illness development, and the Ojas also called the concept of supreme resilience. Let discuss these concepts in brief.

Bala :

It explains the body’s system’s ability to heal and nourish itself and be productive at disease prevention, 

Vyadhi Kshamatwa:

It explains the ability of the immune system to fight disease-causing pathogens. It also states and provides an overall balance of body functions, digestion, tissues, and elimination of the latter. 


Ojas is related to the physiological transformation in our human body as part of tissue nourishment. In this process, the seven layers of tissues are nourished simultaneously as a result of properly functioning metabolically. 

Immunity boosting is most essential today!

As we all know that this time is corona time, and there is an immediate need to protect yourself from this deadly virus. The best ways to protect yourself in this situation are by consuming the best ayurvedic immunity booster syrup and following ayurvedic tips to help you keep yourself fighting Coronavirus:

1. Diet

It is essential to balance your Kapha so that the inner channels are free, which supports the lungs and helps to balance your pitta. Diet should be taken care of as per the following food:

Reduce the following food: Dairy yogurt, cheese, excessive meat, fish, fried foods, chili, sour food, salty foods. 

Increase the following food: Fresh (cooked) veggies, more green veggies (spinach), basmati rice, grains, mung dal (beans), some soaked fruits, protein.

 2. Take care of your lungs

Alternate day do some steam inhalation in which you can add some Kapha reducing essential oil, which will help and is easily available in stores. You can also take some ajwain seeds, further roast them carefully on a pan keeping the lid on it and inhale the fume essence. 

Note: be careful in this process. 

3. Keep your nasal membranes strong and clean

You can use nasal oils, which can help in strengthening the immunity of the nose. Once the nose is infected, the viral load can spread downwards from the nose into the throat and lungs. So it’s essential to keep the nasal membranes strong and virus-free.

4. Tongue scraping and gargling

This process is a very important process that one should do regularly. The idea behind tongue scraping is to effectively remove micro-organisms on the tongue, which is take birth due to the interaction of food and taste buds. This scrapping and gargling process will also help to stimulate your organs. This Ayurveda tip is useful to fight against coronavirus that Gargling with ginger juice and a little salt will not allow the virus to settle down.

5. Drinks

Dryness in the mouth should is not good as it causes the growth of bacteria, and drinking green tea or warm water is advisable. Taking sips every 30 minutes of warm water will help wash the virus down from your throat to the stomach, where stomach acid is responsible for dealing with it. If you are irregular at drinking water, the virus can enter the windpipe and go down the lungs. 

Note: Do not take ice-cold drinks or cold water for drinking purposes!

6. Ayurveda Immunity boost

You can consume green tea or make a natural tea with the following herbs, which are as follows: Ginger (fresh), Turmeric (fresh), Tulsi leaves Coriander seeds, Cumin seeds, Liquorice (stem – not in case of high blood pressure), Guduchi (only powder available), Take all the ingredients in equal proportion or as per requirement and taste. 

7. Ayurvedic medicine that will support you

The AYUSH ministry recently stated that the Corona situation’s control could be supported and prevented by using various ayurvedic medicines for immunity boosting. We at Marma Ayurveda have created herbal medicine syrup to boost your immunity for coronavirus named SIDDHAPARI SYRUP, which is effective and can be useful to support healthy immunity and can counter certain coronavirus symptoms.  


There is no need to worry about this coronavirus time as the best immunity booster ayurvedic medicine will help. These Ayurveda tips to boost your immunity for Coronavirus will definitely work Also, keeping the mind calm will help. It is important to stick to a supportive ayurvedic daily routine of medication in which our product SIDDHAPARI SYRUP will help. However, if you have a complaint that shows coronavirus symptoms, you should immediately contact your doctor. In case if you are looking forward to boosting your immunity with our product, then you can contact the Marma Ayurveda representative. 

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