This Best Ayurvedic Medicine For Lung Cleansing Can Keep Your Lungs Healthy

best ayurvedic medicine for lung cleansing

Talking About Best Ayurvedic Medicine For Lung Cleansing

When we say ‘lung disease’ it means we are talking about all the diseases associated with the lungs and the respiratory system, like asthma, influenza, pneumonia, and tuberculosis. The problems associated with breathing are referred to as lung diseases. The diseases are categorized in Ayurveda as Shwas Roga. The interstitial lung disease is known as ‘sannipapata’ disorder. The aim of using the best ayurvedic medicine for lung cleansing is highly recommended looking at the present scenario of pollution, poor immunity and lung problems.

Explaining best medicine for chest congestion and wheezing in Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, Vatadosha controls the respiratory system. The imbalance in the proper functioning of any of the three Doshas (Pitta, Kapha or Vata) in the body causes accumulation of toxins (Ama) in the respiratory tract. The toxins trigger inflammatory response in the respiratory tract that results in the formation of the mucosa and blockage of the lung tissues. Sannipataor interstitial lung disorder involves all the three doshas with the predominance of ‘Vata’ dosha (air element) in Kapha seat. Pitta and Kapha doshas also get disturbed but the degree of their being the cause varies according to etiological factors, age, habitat etc. of an individual.

Causes of Congestion and Wheezing

The causes of lung diseases are:

  • Pollution – The lungs may be damaged by the inhalation of air pollutants which causes inflammation.
  • Smoking – Cigarettes release toxic gases that can cause lung damage and weaken the elasticity and function of the airbags in the lungs.
  • Medical Conditions – Certain physiological conditions can also affect the lungs, such as rheumatoid arthritis, sarcoidosis, Sjogren’s syndrome, emphysema, etc.
  • Medical Treatments – Certain medical therapies like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, antibiotics, anticonvulsants, etc. may also cause malfunctioning of lungs. Best ayurvedic medicine for lung cleansing will help you to come out from all the problems of lungs because of such lifestyle.

Lifestyle Changes and Diet

Inability to breathe properly is very difficult to cope with. Breathlessness is a tough time to the patient. The ayurvedic medicine for respiratory infection is only based on the prescription of an Ayurveda expert from a reliable Ayurveda center. In order to reduce the mucus congestion in chest, upper back massage at bedtime is advisable. Massage done with special oils or even with lukewarm sesame /mustard oil with a pinch of salt added to it is very beneficial. Sometimes, ayurvedic powder pottali (bolus) massage is done by the experts, followed by hot water fomentation.

Ayurvedic Herbs for Breathing Problems

Thanks to Ayurveda, numerous respiratory ailments can be reduced to a large extent with herbs like Kantakari, Rassindur, Pushkarmoo, Bharangi, Sitopaladi churna, Sutshekhar Ras sada. The way they are used in ayurvedic medicine for respiratory infection, need to be consulted with experts. The extracts of the herbs are very effective against breathing problems. These herbs have anti inflammatory, bronchodilatory, mucolytic, expectorant actions, that reduce the severity of the disease in lungs. Camphor is a magical substances which is said to improve the breathing problems. Inhaling camphor in a cloth is a quite beneficial, though for a short course. For long term wellness, you must consult specialists in ayurvedic clinic.  At Marma Ayurveda, experts are constantly improvising on the respiratory medicines with the aim to provide the best that goes with the patient and the present times. They have also studied how to nullify or wash out the damage caused by smoking by using best medicine for chest congestion and wheezing lungs. Certain kitchen herbs that are suggested for cooking such as turmeric, asafetida, ginger, cumin which may be helpful for cleansing mucus in chest. Foods like curd, black lentils, dairy products, cold water must be avoided, as long as you are under medication.

Never stop from asking medical advice from experts at health clinic if you are facing breathing issues. Negligence may have damaging effect on your health and can cost your life. Be alert about your health changes and visit your doctor as soon as possible.

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