Kalaka Syrup the best ayurvedic medicine for liver cleansing is Here to Improve Your Liver Health!

best ayurvedic medicine for liver cleansing

The liver is the largest organ in the body and one of the most important as well-performing more than 500 critical functions in the body. This is the reason it is very essential to look after the health of the liver and take good care throughout so as to avoid fatty liver diseases. Here the best ayurvedic medicine for liver cleansing and a liver tonic comes into the picture.

But then why do you need the liver tonic? Do you know how many people in India are dying of liver disorders? As per the latest report by WHO (World Health Organization) in the year 2017, there were more than 259,749 deaths due to liver disease. This accounts for about 2.95% if the total death prevalence in the country. Even more alarming is the rising number of people in the age group of 5 to 40 is suffering from one of the other liver conditions. The reason is none but the affliction is due to changing lifestyle concerns.

Supporting this alarming rate, there are more highlights revealed by important researches:

  • India reveals the occurrence of more than 10 lakh patients of liver cirrhosis every year
  • Every one in five Indians is affected by some of the other liver disorder
  • Liver cancer is the second most common cause of cancer death

Just to mention a few benefits of our ayurvedic medicine for fatty liver , here they are:

  • Promoting liver functioning
  • Protecting liver cells damage
  • Indicated in the prevention of fatal liver conditions
  • Stimulating the growth of new liver cells
  • Helping detoxifying liver
  • Regulating the secretion of bile juice
  • Helping cure jaundice
  • Preventing liver cirrhosis

The common ingredients that we use to make our specialized liver tonic customized for your stressful life are:

  • Kalmegh: Beholds excellent liver-protective and liver-stimulating properties
  • Bhringraj: Helps treat various liver diseases like jaundice, hepatitis, and cirrhosis
  • Guduchi: Helps detoxify and purify the liver tissues
  • Varun: Helps stimulate the optimum level of liver functioning.
  • Vavding: Helps improve lipid metabolism in the liver
  • Arjun: Prevents and protects the liver from various liver conditions
  • Pittapapada: Beholds excellent liver-protecting properties
  • Trikatu: Helps boost liver functions
  • Kutki: Helps cure liver infections like jaundice and cirrhosis
  • Makoy: Strengthens the liver
  • Kasni: Works as the best nutrition for the liver
  • Sharpunkha: Protects the organ from various toxic activities

Further to this, there is another Ayurvedic medicine for liver cleansing, and Ayurvedic liver tonic is also available in the market with a varying mixture of thoughtful herbs in different measures. Some of the most common herbs that most manufacturers include in their formulations are turmeric, ginger, manjistha, milk thistle, and cinnamon.

Marma Ayurveda does give you one option as ayurvedic medicine for fatty liver but that is just an option for you. Our main motto is to help you understand the importance of a liver tonic and make you aware of how important it is to have this tonic.

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