Here Are The Best Hair Care Tips For Winter Session By Marma Ayurveda’s Best Ayurvedic Hair Oil for Regrowth!

best ayurvedic hair oil for regrowth

During the winter months, the cold and dryness in the atmosphere can put a lot of stress on your hair and scalp.

This is the reason that you need to take extra care to maintain the health and appearance of your hair. Let us look at some hair care tips for winter and the best ayurvedic hair oil for regrowth that can keep your hair healthy and beautiful even in the harsh elements of the winter months.

Protect the Hair from Harsh Elements

The cold and dry weather in winter can affect your hair, hence it is advisable to cover your hair with a scarf or hat. In doing this you should make sure that the hat or scarf is not too tight otherwise it will interfere with the circulation of blood in the scalp and hence harm the health of your hair.

Here you need to bear in mind that wearing a headdress can cause more sweat and hence irritate your scalp. Make it a point to use a good anti-dandruff shampoo made up of organic ingredients. It is advisable to avoid the use of shampoos that have too many chemicals in them. Such a shampoo will ensure that no dandruff develops on your scalp. This should be a part of your hair care routine.

Keep Your Scalp and Hair Hydrated

If you are dehydrated inside then it will show on your hair and scalp also. In winter you may tend to feel less thirsty and hence you may not drink enough water. This adds to the dryness that the hair and scalp are already facing due to the dry weather. This is the reason that you should drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Use a shampoo that moisturizes your hair and scalp and also make use of a good conditioner. Avoid using shampoos and conditioners with too many chemicals and as mentioned above, use herbal or organic shampoos and conditioners.

Avoid Over Styling Your Hair

Most people nowadays make use of styling tools like hair dryers and curling irons. It is advisable to avoid overdoing this because the heat of these tools will make your hair dry and brittle. As far as hairdryers are concerned, use them at the lowest possible temperature.

At the same time, some hair care tips are to avoid the use of curling irons or hair straightening tools. In fact, even if it is not winter then these items should be used sparsely. If in case your hair is already damaged due to overuse of these styling tools, then opt for a shampoo and conditioner which is meant to repair the damage of the hair.

Avoid Using Very Hot Water to Wash Your Hair

As mentioned above, excess heat can damage your hair and scalp. During winter it is very tempting to use hot water to wash your hair. However, you should avoid doing this and use warm or cool water to wash your hair. This is because the hair and scalp are extra sensitive during the winter and it is essential to ensure that they are not further damaged by hot water. It is also essential to dry your hair before you go out of your home.

The best idea is to allow the hair to dry on its own. If there is no time for this then use a blow dryer in the way mentioned above. This is because if you go out with wet hair it will attract dirt which will damage your hair and scalp.

Look for Shine and Bounce

When winters are there, lack of moisture is a common thing and that first affects your skin and hair. The weather conditions make your hair dull and lifeless. Under the scenario, it is best to put some natural measures to make your hair look shiny and bouncy.

You can best do so by brushing your scalp with a wide-toothed comb, removing all tangles, and then adding raw honey to your scalp and tips. Cover your head and leave for about half an hour. After half an hour wash off with lukewarm water. These hair care tips in Ayurveda measure the best ayurvedic hair oil for regrowth will help you seal moisture and give a shining look to your hair.

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