What is Fatty Liver Disease, Types, Causes, and Ayurvedic Treatment for Fatty Liver!

ayurvedic treatment for fatty liver

Liver and its Importance

The liver is a vital organ that is involved in carrying out an array of metabolic functions and detoxification of harmful compounds in our body like xenobiotics, drugs, viral infections, and chronic alcoholism. In today’s stressful lifestyle, our liver often gets abused unknowingly and we may develop some hepatic complications which can lead us to take ayurvedic treatment for fatty liver.

Numerous physiological functions are affected if liver function is impaired, and this can cause potentially serious consequences. Since the liver is the most important organ in metabolism and is
connected through a vast network of biochemical reactions, we need such Ayurvedic medicines and formulations for the liver that have zero side-effect. alcoholic fatty liver treatment in ayurveda is possible due to the potent herbs that are used to prepare formulations.

Fatty Liver Disease

Fatty liver disease can be described as a disorder in which the person has extra fat in your liver. Since the liver is the main organ responsible for metabolism and prevention of the entry of harmful substances from the blood it plays an important role in fatty acid oxidation. Excessive saturation of fat in the liver would interrupt the function of the liver which can lead to one of the severe liver diseases called cirrhosis. The liver can repair itself by rebuilding new cells when the old ones are damaged.
However, due to saturation of fat hampers, the process of rebuilding liver cells is also hampered which causes damage to the liver. Liver cirrhosis treatment in Ayurveda makes use of herbal formulations which are quite effective.

Types of Fatty Liver

There are two types of fatty liver diseases:

Non-alcoholic fatty Liver: NAFLD has a tendency to run in families. NAFLD is found in middle-aged people who overweight or obese. They are often found to have high cholesterol and diabetes.
Alcoholic fatty liver: A the name suggests, this type of fatty liver occurs in people addicted to alcohol.

Causes of Fatty Liver

Fatty Liver may occur due to various reasons:
• Alcoholism
• Obesity
• High protein diet
• High cholesterol level
• Diabetes mellitus
• Genetic factors
• Rapid weight loss
• Certain medicines like aspirin, steroid, tetracycline

Fatty Liver Treatment in Ayurveda

Ayurvedic Fatty liver treatment includes the following which are offered at all reliable Ayurveda centers in India.
Panchkarma– This is one of the best treatments for fatty liver. Panchakarma helps to cleanse the body and remove toxic materials from the body, when our body’s natural ability fails to do so.
It includes the following processes:
Udwarthana – This implies application of medicated powder. The powers in the form of pastes are used to massage body in the reverse direction of the hairs.
Vamana – This is the therapeutic emesis, which heals the body’s functions to a great extent.
Virechana – Therapeutic purgation which improves functioning of liver.
Teekshna Kashaya Vasti – It is a therapy which helps to reduce the obnoxious fat.
Lekhana Vasti – Vasti therapy by specific herbal oils scraps off accumulated fat in the body.
Raktamoshan – Raktamoshan detoxifies the impure blood and improves the circulation.

Ayurvedic Medicines for Fatty Liver Care

Ayurveda suggests that medicines prepared from herbs as effective remedies are highly beneficial for fatty liver. Ayurvedic drugs for fatty liver consist of several herbal extracts like Triphala Kashaya with Honey, Guduchi and Musta with honey, Bhumyamlki with Katuki and Punarnava decoction, Takrarishta (fermented medicated buttermilk) etc. Fatty Liver’s Herbal Medicines are made from these herbs and herbal products such as
• Bhaumyamalaki
• Amla
• Sharapunkam
• Katuki
• Kalmegha
• Aloe vera
• Bhringaraja, to name a few.

Best Treatment for Fatty Liver at Nagpur

One of the best-known Ayurveda centers in India is Marma Ayurveda which offers best fatty liver care with herbal medicines. The experts do a thorough diagnosis before prescribing the treatment.
They aim to provide the best medicine to the patients. Ayurvedic medicines have no side effects and are therefore, safe. With Ayurveda you can cure fatty liver in the best way.

KALAKA SF SYRUP is one of the most effective Ayurvedic combinations made by Marma Ayurveda that can cure all types of liver disorders Including liver cirrhosis, jaundice, and fatty liver. Kalaka SF Syrup is formulated for liver cleansing formulated of well-researched herbal extracts making just the perfect liver syrup. Liver is responsible for filtering and cleansing while removing all toxic chemicals from the body which is why it needs to be taken care of. Trust Ayurvedic medicines for all kinds of liver disorders.

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