Kick-Off Stress And Anxiety To Get Quality Sleep With 100% Ayurvedic Tablets

ayurvedic medicine for sleep disorder

Are you experiencing sleep problems? Are you not able to sleep restfully? Do you feel that stress and anxiety are taking control of your body functioning, both physically and mentally? Then why sit and wait for things to go worse. You can take the help of Ayurvedic tonics and tablets that works as a perfect solution to induce restful sleep and help you fight stress and anxiety. Get the best ayurvedic medicine for sleep disorder at Marma Ayurveda.

The modern lifestyles and breaking down of the social fiber have led to many diseases related to the disturbed emotional state of the patient. These ailments include anxiety, stress, and insomnia along with other symptoms pertaining to emotional disorders. And with such an emotional state of mind, sleep patterns are certain to get hampered.

We need to understand that anxiety and other disorders are as real and harmful as other diseases like heart disease or even diabetes. It has been observed that:

  • 42.5% of the employees in the private sector suffer from anxiety or some other problem caused due to stress.
  • In the UK 15.4 million workdays are lost due to the mental health of the employees.
  • People who suffer from depression or anxiety face prejudice at work
  • India will suffer economic losses to the tune of 1.03 trillion dollars due to the mental health of the population between 2013 to 2030

The Ayurvedic system of medicine is extremely helpful in treating simple symptoms like stress and anxiety including insomnia. That’s where Marma Ayurveda comes up with its thoughtful formulation of Insocam Tablet, ‘The Thoughtful Companion to Optimum Emotional Health’, a great ayurvedic medicine for sleep disorder, stress, and anxiety. The ingredients of the tablets include:

  • Ashwagandha: Helps nourish the body tissues and restore weak body functioning
  • Jatamansi: Works as a natural brain stimulant
  • Brahmi: Helps induce restful sleep.
  • Tagar: Helps cure weak nervous functioning and low immunity.
  • Dhayphool: Helps promote emotional and mental well-being

Benefits ayurvedic medicine for sleep disorder tablet provides include:

  • Relieves from stress and anxiety
  • Regulates the sleep pattern
  • Delivers the right quantity and quality of sleep
  • Also works as a brain stimulant
  • Helps to soothe any sort of emotional turbulence within

However, if the symptoms persist then you should see an Ayurvedic doctor who will prescribe treatments and herbal medicines along with lifestyle changes like regular yoga exercises and changes in eating habits which can actually cure the problem completely.

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