Get Addicted To 100% Ayurvedic Laxative If You Often Experience Constipation

ayurvedic medicine for constipation

Constipation means that your bowel movements are few or happen with difficulty. Almost everyone goes through this once in a while. However, chronic constipation is something that you should treat immediately. This is because there are known cases when constipation has caused the death of the patient. Severe constipation when the stool becomes hard can rupture the colon or the large intestine and create an infection in the body. There are also cases when the stool becomes hard like stone and causes a heart attack. Get the best ayurvedic medicine for constipation at Marma Ayurveda.

Let us look at the causes of constipation:

  • Your diet does not contain enough fiber or fluid
  • When You eat too many dairy products
  • You are sedentary
  • You often resist the urge to pass stool
  • Stress and change in the environment – people get constipation if they are traveling and have to pass stool in a different toilet
  • Medications like opiate medicines for pain, anti-depressants, and iron pills
  • Antacids which have calcium or aluminum
  • Pregnancy
  • Problems with the nerves and muscles in the digestive system
  • Hypothyroidism which is an underactive thyroid gland
  • Colon cancer
  • Eating disorders
  • Irritable bowel syndrome

Some of the causes can be avoided and developing healthy eating habits can relieve you of the problem. And one such solution is taking 100% ayurvedic medicine for constipation and safe laxatives. With the increasing causes and the incidences of constipation with the current lifestyle and dietary habits, Marma Ayurveda has come up with Laxone SF Syrup the ayurvedic medicine for constipation that is a natural laxative formulated with the combination of the following ingredients:

  • Haritaki: Helps strengthen the bowel functioning
  • Manuka: Helps improve digestive symptoms
  • Vavding: Works as a lubricating laxative that works to regulate the presence of water in the stool and intestines to ensure that the stool is easier to pass.
  • Nishoth: Helps treat and manage constipation
  • Indravaruni: Works to strengthen the bowel functioning
  • Sunthi: Viable cure for constipation
  • Dantimool: Works to eliminate the doshas that are known responsible for causing constipation
  • Gokshur: A natural laxative that helps relieve constipation

The benefits that the syrup provides include:

  • Cures constipation
  • Improves intestine functioning
  • Increases water content in the body that softens stool
  • Improves digestive health
  • Helps regulate all sort of bowel activities
  • Ease symptoms of bowel disorders

The laxative Marma provides is known to be the ‘The Mischievous Sprite to Constipation’. And it is certainly a good idea to take the help of Ayurvedic laxatives rather than getting into bigger problems in the later years.

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