Fight Back Corona Virus with Ayurvedic Immunity Boosters and Natural Herbs!

ayurvedic immunity booster

How Can You Stimulate Your Inner Strength?
With the outbreak of the deadly Covid19 infection, the world is suffering from a massive disaster. The entire medical fraternity is working hard to find the best cure for this disease. Unfortunately, the disease cannot be eradicated so easily but we can fight it to a great extent by enhancing our body’s immune system. Now you must be wondering how to boost your immunity against COVID-19? Well, we all know that a strong immune system is a perfect solution to tackle COVID-19! So, the next question that arises is, how will you boost your immunity in a way that it doesn’t harm your body? Our body can be made ready against the deadly virus. Herbs and their extracts act as the best ayurvedic immunity booster in covid conditions.

How is ayurvedic immunity booster our Saviour?

Ayurveda is the science of life. It is the science that originated in India thousands of years ago and flourished in ancient times. It explains and acknowledges the gifts of nature in keeping up a healthy and happy living. Ayurveda’s extensive knowledge preaches that the prevention and care of a diseased condition is possible by the concept of daily and seasonal health regimes. Harmony with nature and synchronizing your daily activities with your body clock is the first step towards a healthy life. With that, a simple diet plan, regular exercise, and the right medication can help your build up a strong immune system. You will learn how to boost the immune system that will protect you from numerous infections.

How does Ayurveda act upon our Body?

According to Ayurveda, we can withstand infections when all the seven layers of our tissues (Rasa, Mamsa, Rakta, Medha, Majja, Asthi and Shukra) are not weak and working in coordination with each other; this simulates our immunity. Several herbs and their extracts help to empower our immunity and keep away Covid19 infection.

Including one or more of the following herbs in our everyday diet can help as ayurvedic immunity boosters.

  • Neem: This plant is a potent immunity booster. It flushes out toxins from our body and keeps the body safe from attacks by harmful pathogens, due to its anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.
  • Tulsi:  This wonderful plant is a strong warrior against COVID-19. It contains certain chemicals and antioxidants, that locate and destroys the germs, viruses and bacteria that might have entered our body. It is excellent for all throat infections.
  • Ginger: The good old Ginger has been our favorite remedy for flu and the common cold. Ginger is particularly effective against throat and respiratory tract infections when consumed regularly.
  • Garlic: Just like ginger, garlic contains such antioxidants that act as a germicide. It is also a vital herb o fight covid19 infections.
  • Turmeric: Turmeric contains cur cumin that strengthens your immune system to fights off germs and bacteria & removes toxins from your body. Addition in food and milk is beneficial.
  • Ashwagandha: It is a medicinal plant that stimulates immunity by decreasing the stress levels. Stress lowers our immunity and us susceptible to microbial infections.
  • Black cumin: Black cumin extracts and oil act as antioxidants. They remove out free radicals that weaken our immunity, and thus stimulate our immunity.
  • Moringa: Drumstick, as we commonly know it, 7 times more Vitamin C than even oranges. Vitamin C the vital component needed to build strong immunity. Besides that, moringa is rich in potassium, iron, calcium and amino acids that are essential nutrients.
  • Ghee: It contains fatty acids that up regulate resistance to infections.

Several spices and herbs like sunthi, cloves and black pepper have been reported to provide support for humeral and cellular immune responses. They also remove air way hyper responsiveness and nasal congestions. They are used in homemade concoctions to stimulate immunity. When given at the right proportions, they act as natural immunity booster for toddlers and adults.

Ayurvedic Formulations for Boosting Immunity

One of the most traditional Ayurveda centers in India, Marma Ayurveda, has formulated an effective Ayurvedic Syrup from a combination of herbs to boost immunity and promotes rejuvenation of the body. SIDDHAPARI SYRUP is that powerful immune-stimulatory syrup that boosts the body’s immunity naturally and helps to fight against recurrent diseases. It also fosters recovery from infections. It strengthens our immunity and makes us strong against various viruses like coronavirus. You will not feel active and energetic throughout the day. So, a balanced diet, right medicine, and the right exercise are all that you need to enhance your immunity.

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